The "Young at Heart" Youth Board


Our youth board

The"Young at Heart" Youth Board was started in 2008 with the idea of identifying future leaders in the Staten Island community, furthering the community CPR training, and assisting the Heart Society  in the promotion and perpetuation of heart healthy lives.

The Youth Board is a group of high school and college-age students committed to making a difference in the Staten Island community. In addition to assisting in the organization and operation of our fundraisers, they organize their own annual event, The Rock Out Against Smoking.

The Rock Out Against Smoking is an annual music festival run in conjunction with the NYC Coalition for a Smoke-Free City, to raise awareness surrounding malicious ad campaigns from tobacco companies to establish a consumer population at a young age. The night features members of our Youth Board sharing stories of how tobacco usage has affected their lives. There are also performances by a number of local performers to celebrate the strides made to protect Staten Island youth from addiction, as well as honoring those who have suffered or recovered from their own addiction.

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining our Youth Board, contact us!